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1-28 series
Year: 2021
Genre: Action / Drama
The Turkish TV series "Destan" will show an amazing love story between a simple girl named Akkyz and the son of the powerful Khan Batud. All the events of the Turkish series with English subtitles will unfold in the distant past, namely in the ninth century in Central Asia. During this period of time, the Turkic tribes began to actively accept Islam. The legendary khan of one of the camps had an only son, but the circumstances were such that he suffered from disability. The young man had serious problems with his arm. The father tried to find ways to heal his heir, but all his attempts were in vain. Therefore, the guy could not become such a warrior that his father could be proud of.

The heroine of the Turkish TV series "Destan" in Turkish, was orphaned very early, and after the death of her beloved parents, she had to fight for her own survival with all her might. In order to earn a piece of bread, she had to work hard and hard day and night. But Akkyz was very persistent and she was never afraid of hard work. The young lady perfectly understood that in this life she had no one to rely on and only herself would have to take care of herself. The girl was from a proud, but at the same time rather poor tribe and lived in the mountains. It was not only a difficult time, but in this area it was also very difficult to survive.

Fate decided to bring together the main characters of the Turkish TV series, which can be watched online with English subtitles. Initially, a friendship arose between them, which gradually began to develop into something more. The young man was fascinated by Akkyz and she also answered him with mutual feelings. Only on their way will the lovers have to overcome a huge number of tests, and their love will be subjected to the test of strength. The heroes are forced to fight not only for their great love, but also to confront numerous rivals. The love of two young people will make their swords and hearts shields against enemies.
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