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Kurulus Osman

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Year: 2019
The central character of the new Turkish TV series “Founding of Osman” is Osman Ghazi Bey. The hero is known to the viewer in absentia within the framework of the multi-part epic “Risen Ertugrul”, which many have grown fond of and have gained incredible popularity. The series "Revival of Osman Gazi" is a direct historical continuation of the above-mentioned tape.

With English subtitles, the picture tells about the life and hard way of Osman Gazi Bey - the main character, the continuer of the great deeds of his eminent father Ertugrul Bey. For the most part reflecting true historical circumstances, the picture presents a detailed history of the emergence in the future of the Great Ottoman Empire.

The series, which can be watched online, tells about the intricacies of fate, the sorrows and joys of great people, whose efforts recreated the new state on the fragments of the Byzantine Empire that lost its former greatness and the sultanate weakening every day in Konya. Reflecting reality, and recreated by the bright talents of the scriptwriters, the paintings capture from the first moments and do not let go until the last series.

The series "The Revival of Osman" is represented by a vivid kaleidoscope of the struggle for power, unfolding in the arenas of a dying and reviving state, treachery, loyal friendship, touching stories of love and eastern passion. The formation of the Ottoman Empire was accompanied by great hardships and hardships for the entire Islamic people, which are fully reflected in the picture.

The historical importance of the tape is represented by the opportunity to familiarize the viewer not only with the period of the collapse of the Byzantine Empire and the formation of the Ottoman. Also, the creators of the series reflected the first steps of modern statehood in Turkey, made precisely during the reign of the Great Osman Gazi.
Kurulus Osman
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