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Ruhun Duymaz

1-9 series
Year: 2023
Genre: Comedy
The events of the Turkish series will unfold around a very rich and influential Coral family. The main characters of "Ruhun duymaz" were able to arrange their lives in the best possible way thanks to the fact that they sold jewelry. In Turkey, they were considered the largest owners of jewelry. At first glance, they may seem like a completely normal family that has built its life and now enjoys it. But in reality, everything is not easy at all, and in the business that brings them huge income, there are also illegal cases.

The thing is that the main character of the Turkish series "Ruhun duymaz" Jivan Koral was able to earn such a lot of money by smuggling jewelry that is transported from various countries. Initially, everything went smoothly, and no one even suspected such criminal cases. Only sooner or later everything secret becomes clear. Some time passes and the department for combating international organized crime becomes aware that Jivan Koral is closely cooperating with the criminal world. Then the investigation of this difficult case is entrusted to agent Onur Karas, who was a true professional and was able to solve many crimes for his work.

As soon as the protagonist of the Turkish series "Ruhun duymaz" began to investigate, he soon manages to get on the trail of smugglers. But circumstances develop in such a way that Onur is in no hurry to send Jivan to prison, where he had to be punished for his actions. Onur decides to make every effort to ensure that Jivan refuses to engage in smuggling and starts a new life without breaking the law. If Jeevan completely leaves his business, then only in this way will he be able to continue to remain free.
Ruhun Duymaz
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Update: 24/09/2023

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