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Baş Belası (Trouble-maker) episode 8 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

In the 8th episode of the Turkish TV series "Baş Belası" while ahin was chasing the net, Ipek fell into a trap and was kidnapped. He immediately went to rescue Ipek and followed the clues she left behind. Murder Department, asks Shahin to return to his duties. At that moment, a corpse was found on the forest road and the team immediately took up their duties. The evidence in the hands of the police indicates that Shahin's friend was involved in the crime. This becomes the reason for Shaheen to return to the homicide department. Shahin will have to pass a serious life test during the investigation. Ipek notices what is happening with Shahin and begins to watch him even more closely. When Ipek became interested in the news of the new case, Shahin believes that Nazly is somehow involved here. The thing is that traces of it were found. Ipek worries that this girl is in danger or she may go to jail. She is trying to find out from Shahin what exactly is going on? When Ipek began to talk to Nazly, she completely denied her guilt. Nazly says that she did not commit murder, and the real criminal is still free to walk. A strong fire burns inside Shahin, and it will not subside until retribution comes. He must, by all means, take revenge on certain people ...