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Misafir (Guest) episode 4 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

Episode 4 of the Turkish TV series "Misafir" tells how Gece went shopping and Nazan began to chase her. She asked her daughter for forgiveness, and then said that she had an important conversation with her. Nazan is in trouble and needs to get out of here. She invites her daughter to go with her. Geje asked her mother to leave her alone, she does not want to be the same and see her. Nazan realized that Geje remembered everything and was just pretending. Geje said that she remembers everything and even how her mother sold her to Tunchu, who almost raped her. Only Nazan didn't know it. She reassured her daughter that she had already taken revenge on Tunchu and robbed his safe. Now they can leave together and start life from scratch. When Nazan tried to hand over the gold, Tunch found her. Geje returned home, and a surprise awaited her here. Erdem together with the children prepared and furnished a room for her. Geje could not expect this and burst into tears of happiness. Toprak invited his dad to take a joint photo with Gunesh and hang it on the wall. Erdem's daughter showed a night light, which they also bought for Gunesh, and when you turn it on, it burns like the sun, like her. When Gunesh was in the kitchen and Erdem came in, she kissed him on the cheek as a token of gratitude ...