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1-2 series
Year: 2020
Genre: Crime / Drama
The Turkish TV series “Alef” with English subtitles will show how law enforcement officers have to fulfill their main responsibilities every day, namely to protect civilians from criminals of various kinds. The main character always dreamed of becoming a detective, and he stubbornly strove for the goal. The largest number of criminal groups are concentrated in large cities, and they are constantly fighting for power among themselves. As a result, bloody criminal wars begin to flare up, but even such a circumstance cannot be compared with the cruelty of ordinary citizens. .

Indeed, everyday scandals may occur between ordinary people, someone is overwhelmed with a feeling of jealousy, betrayal and betrayal, and such qualities may not be reflected in the best way on a person’s thinking. When a respectable citizen finds himself in a similar situation, he begins to think about how to commit a crime and no matter what it will be. The protagonist of the Turkish series “Alef” with English subtitles is a professional investigator and was able to earn great respect from his colleagues. He is ready to take up any business and will certainly bring it to a victorious end ..

A man performs his duties in an elite police unit, but here not only employees are responsible for their duties, but there are those who are negligent in their professional activities. Despite this, the employees of this department make every effort to ensure that their department reaches the highest level. An incorruptible detective has his own principles, and he will not allow any guilty person to escape from a well-deserved punishment. You can watch online with English subtitles. Sometimes there are times when the protagonist is forced to fight his own conscience, as sometimes the victim is the attacker himself.
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Update: 20/05/2020

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Guest Maryam
Guest Maryam Guests 18 June 2020 14:33
My video is not working. The video kept loading but its not working . I m using uc browser . Plz fix this player for ucbrowser
Victoria L Wilson
Victoria L Wilson Guests 2 February 2021 20:55
Thank you for making this available with English subtitles. Is there a way to download the episodes? 
Also, do you have access to Seasons 1-4 of Behzat C with English subtitles. ?
I will be donating on PayPal as I am sure it is difficult and time-consuming to translate.
Thank you, 
Victoria Wilson Texas