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Paramparca (Broken Pieces)

1-89 series
Genre: Crime / Drama
Beauty Gulseren begins life in Istanbul. Parents, from childhood, did everything possible so that the girl did not feel abandoned, helped her and made her life better. The Turkish series “Broken Pieces” will tell you about an incredible adventure and recreation of goodness. Istanbul gave her crazy impressions, pleased her with thousands of adventures, but the most important thing is that she got a job so that she no longer depends on anyone. Having bought a house with the money she earned, she realizes that it is time to study independently, think about the family and her future, otherwise the story will turn around a bit.

The sudden appearance on the path of Jihan, as the picture in good quality tells you about, will make you feel like a woman and realize that she is ready for new trials. The love that ensued between the heroes will certainly break out in first place, which will tell about crazy feelings. It is terrible to imagine, but what will happen if there is money between them, and besides, large amounts. A man possesses not only a beautiful appearance, but also huge restaurants, multi-million dollar profitable deals, which only increases his earnings. On the way, the heroes will face many honey and envious people, each of whom will try to destroy their happy life, add fuel to the fire, and once, all these efforts become reality.

Insidious friends, do not want to see a couple together, they are even ready to risk themselves, just to save them from torment. As for simple enemies, they can be punished, and very soon, Cihan, losing his temper, begins a real war with traitors and criminals. Having looked closely and found a native look in a man, their feelings can never again be destroyed, no matter how the opponents try.
Paramparca (Broken Pieces)
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Update: 27/03/2021

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Lala Guests 11 August 2020 12:11
Please upload more from this! I need episode 88 till the end. Someone knows where to find? With Englisch subtitles?
tutycolgan Kinoman 23 August 2020 09:07
Where is the 53?
pomi Guests 25 March 2021 00:06
can you please upload english subtitlies for 95, 96, and 97 (the final episode) please. Im looking to finish this amazing series 
Robin Guests 17 March 2024 10:17
where 90-97 episodes