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Azize episode 5 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

In the 5th episode of the Turkish TV series "Azize", Kartal begs Azize to stay, so that they can complete the work they have begun. Azize is well aware that she is a prisoner in the hands of this man. Also, the girl has no doubts that Kartal is up to something. When Balkan was in the hospital, one of the brothers came to him and he just can't wait for the moment when the relative comes to his senses. And if the Balkan manages to survive, then it is he who will become the head of the family, but this situation will not turn out in the best way for Kartal and Azize. When Kartal talks to Azize, he always feels what mood she is in. If she tries to deceive him, then he also understands this. All this is done by Kartal at the moment when he asks her questions. Then he carefully listens to her intonation when she answers them. Kartal, together with Azize, is heading to the Balkan to talk about an important topic. He asked Balkan if he remembered Azize, if so, he wanted to know what happened to her relatives. He cannot stand aside at the moment when his beloved feels longing for her family. Kartal loves Azize very much and if necessary, he can even kill his own brother to protect her ...