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Kaderimin Oyunu

1-26 series
Year: 2021
Genre: Drama
In the Turkish TV series "Kaderimin Oyunu" we will talk about the life of one very strong woman and her future destiny. Her name is Asiye and from an early age she had a very difficult time. Very early on, the heroine of a Turkish TV series with English subtitles lost her beloved mother and had to be under the strict supervision of her stepmother for almost most of her life. The woman constantly put pressure on her stepdaughter and did not show signs of love and affection for her at all. Throughout all these years, they have not managed to establish relations with each other. Asia constantly had to endure various kinds of humiliation from her stepmother and this greatly affected her character.

When the heroine of the Turkish TV series “Kaderimin Oyunu” in Turkish turned seventeen years old, fate brought her together with a simple guy named Cemal. Great feelings immediately flared up between the young people. Not so much time has passed since Jemal suggested Asia to secretly marry, and then she could leave the hated house. The girl could not refuse, and, it would seem, now everything will work out in her life. Soon the couple in love had two children, but then something went wrong. Asiye noticed that Jemal had become withdrawn and was gradually moving away from the family. All this leads to the fact that Asia begins to fall into a deep depression.

At that moment, Cemal met another girl who came from a wealthy and influential family. Besides the fact that she was beautiful, she did not yet know the need for finances. The hero of the Turkish TV series, which can be watched online with English subtitles, felt that life with her would become much easier. When Jemal left his family, Asiye began to despair completely. But soon she meets Mahir and life takes on bright colors again. As it soon became clear, the man grew up in the outbuilding of the mansion belonging to the family of Dzhemal's new lover. Thus, the circle begins to narrow.
Kaderimin Oyunu
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Update: 18/06/2022

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