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Yalı Çapkını episode 8 english subtitles

Второй параграф не виден.

The 8th episode of the Turkish TV series "Yalı Çapkını" will tell about how Seyran had to sort out his relationship with his sister. She can't understand why Suna did this to her? And for what purpose did she kiss her husband? Suna is very sorry that she could not resist and succumbed to her emotions. She began to make excuses and said that Ferit protected her from her father. And it was this circumstance that influenced her attitude towards him. After all, until now, no one had ever defended her. In addition, she was not in a sober state and this played a cruel joke on her. She told her sister that she deeply regretted her action. Esme stood near the door and overheard the conversation of her daughters. Only this was noticed by Kazim. He began to understand that it was Seyran who became the reason for talking with his son-in-law. And now he understands why Ferit stood up for Suna. He believes that his youngest daughter is completely ungrateful and Seiran does not appreciate what is being done for her. Kazym says that Seyran dishonored him in front of the Korkhans by telling the new family about her despot father. Esme's health is only getting worse each time. Despite this, she is in no hurry to seek help from the hospital. For Seiran, the mother remained the only person who will always support. Now after Suna's act, she can no longer trust her...