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Senden Once

1-3 series
Year: 2024
Genre: Drama
The story of the Turkish drama series “Senden Once” will tell about the married couple Hakan and İrem. Hakan is a very influential man, in whose hands there is a real construction empire, which he controls. Irem tries to be a good and exemplary wife in order to save her marriage with her husband. She believes that everything is fine with them, but, alas, clouds are gathering over them. There is a rift in the family that will hurt them both. Irem begins to suspect that her husband loves someone else. A woman he met during a business trip. When the women meet, their world turns upside down, just as Hakan's world turned upside down after meeting a new acquaintance. Irem doesn't want to think that the person she loves might leave her. She's just not ready to experience that kind of pain.

The love of the main characters of the series “Before You” will have to go through a difficult test. Everyone will have to make their own choice. The choice to stay or leave. Each option can be either life-saving or destructive. Each new day can bring new victories and new disappointments. But Irem is not going to give up. She loves her husband and will do anything to ensure that he stays with her. To love only her, to keep his loyalty to her, his heart. So she can know he won't leave her. But her rival is also going to make enough efforts to take the man away from the family. To have his heart, his love. But how it all ends, only Hakan can decide. After all, he has to make the last and most important choice - wife or mistress.
Senden Once
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Update: 28/02/2024

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