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Elimi birakma

57-59 series
Year: 2018
Genre: Drama
Jenck's childhood was spent in a luxurious setting. His parents are rich and successful people. They have their own food factory. Jenk’s father’s business is constantly expanding. He sent his adult child to study in America.

Azra in childhood also had everything that was needed for a happy life. She grew up in the family of a successful barbecue, and after graduation, she decided, like her father, to engage in the culinary business. To study, Azra, as well as Jenk, went to the United States.

Young people entered one university. Their housing in America was almost nearby, but Jenk and Azra did not manage to get acquainted during their studies. Fate arranged for them to meet at the airport. Young people flew to their parents on vacation with the same suitcases and, by chance, took home not their carry-on baggage.

Parsing things after arrival, they realized that they had mixed baggage. The guy decided to go to the girl to exchange suitcases and caught the eye of Azra's grandmother. She really liked Jenk. She decided that a young man could be the perfect couple for her granddaughter. Grandma promised herself that she would do everything possible so that Azra would marry Jenk. The old woman arranged for the young people another meeting, which changed their future fate. But all-consuming love did not immediately flare up in the soul of Jenk and Azra.

During infrequent meetings, the main characters of the series “Elimi Birakma” looked closely at each other. At first there was a complicated relationship between them, but gradually they realized that they could not live without each other. Parents stood in the way of their happiness, who were categorically against the unification of the two families. In addition, other relatives and friends of Jenka and Azra also did not approve of their union. The lovers decided not to give up and do everything possible to be together. On the way to happiness, they will have to overcome many obstacles in order to finally become husband and wife.

The series "Do not let go of my hand" was shot by director Sadullah Selin. In the role of Jenk Chelen, viewers will see Alp Navruz. Azru Gunesh is played by actress Alina Boz.
Elimi birakma
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Update: 25/12/2019

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