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Yan Oda

1-2 series
Year: 2024
Genre: Drama
The Turkish TV series “Yan Oda” tells the story of the marriage of two incredibly famous personalities in the country. Fikret Aladag is a very rich and famous businessman, and his life partner Verda Yildiz is a TV presenter who hosts a program about economics. The man was a guest on her show. And after a while it became known that these famous personalities decided to tie the knot.

Their personal life becomes a subject of interest for journalists from various yellow press publications. Everyone is very interested in the details of the personal lives of Fikret and Verda. Their whole life is now of great interest to others. And there is no longer a moment of peace for any of them. Everyone is now worried about the safety of their privacy. After all, they know that such reporters will stop at nothing to achieve their goal. Reporters begin to literally follow their every step and breath. Any appearance in public does not go unnoticed and the young couple has to learn to live with it. This becomes the first serious test in their family life.

The main characters of "Yan Oda" have to live their lives under the gaze of cameras. They try to ignore it and live the same way as before. But everything is not at all as simple as we would like. After all, all this greatly affects their nervous system. Because of this, even the career of each of them can be destroyed. Will they be able to overcome these problems, or will reporters still manage to ruin their marriages and careers with their indecently intense attention? One can only guess...
Yan Oda
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Update: 18/03/2024

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