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Teşkilat (The Organisation)

1-55 series
Year: 2021
Genre: Action / Drama
In the Turkish TV series "Teşkilat" in English, we will talk about one organization that is fighting terrorist groups of international importance. Hamza is a highly qualified specialist, as well as the commander of a formed detachment. His fate cannot be called simple, and the circumstances developed in such a way that the young man had to grow up and be brought up in an orphanage. Despite all the trials, Hamza always differed from the rest of the guys in his decency and was very hardworking. When he grew up, he went to study at a special military intelligence school located in Turkey and there he passed all the necessary military training.

The main character of the Turkish TV series "The Organisation" with English subtitles, was able to achieve and show excellent results. Now he is considered one of the best agents. He is able to cope with almost any operation on his own. Soon it was decided to appoint Hamza as the commander of the secret group. This detachment was formed by the head of the anti-terror department, Murat Bey. This group includes the best specialists in their field, and now they will need to neutralize a particularly dangerous terrorist, nicknamed Faust, by any means.

This man was in a Dutch prison for a long time, but then he was kidnapped by some Turkish tycoons. Now all of Turkey is in grave danger. A series of brutal terrorist attacks may begin, and it is precisely them that will need to be prevented by intelligence. The main characters of the Turkish TV series "Organization", which can be watched online with English subtitles, are very strong and intelligent, desperate, and most importantly, each of them is devoted to their homeland and, of course, to each other. For their country, they are real heroes who had to overcome many different tests.
Teşkilat (The Organisation)
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Update: 14/11/2022

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