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1-20 series
Year: 2022
Genre: Comedy
The events of the Turkish series "Seversin" will unfold around a young girl named Asya. She lives a completely simple and unremarkable life. The heroine of the Turkish TV series with English subtitles, works as a seller in a shopping center. The girl has an ambitious character and for this reason cannot get full satisfaction from her routine life. She always dreamed of getting a higher education, then getting a job in her profession and getting a good salary for her work, as well as developing her career. And most importantly, she would like to be independent. One day, Asya accidentally got on the set of a cinematic project, where they filmed a romantic comedy.

Unexpectedly, the main director drew attention to the main character of the Turkish series "Seversin" in Turkish. He invited Asya to play the lead role in his film. Asya was not ready for such a sharp turn in her fate, but she understands that this is a great chance for her and agrees. Tolga becomes her partner and he was a very successful and popular actor. At the moment, his career is flourishing with might and main and there is not much time left before he climbs to the top of fame. He had a lot of admirers, and Tolga is quite spoiled by such attention. In addition, he is not constant and always strives for changes in his life.

The main characters of the Turkish series, you can watch online with English subtitles, were brought together by fate itself. But initially, relations between them did not work out, and Tolga was arrogant towards Asya. He found fault with her for every extra reason, was constantly dissatisfied with her work on the set. But Asya was not so simple either, she confidently rebuffs all the remarks from Tolga. As a result, this is even more reflected in their relationship, but Asya defends herself to the bitter end. Tolga was not at all accustomed to such behavior from women and understands that he will have to put up with it. Gradually, their feelings begin to change, and Tolga decides to help Asya achieve success in acting.
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Update: 11/10/2022

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