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Son Nefesime Kadar

1-3 series
Year: 2022
Genre: Crime / Drama
The events of the Turkish TV series "Son Nefesime Kadar" will unfold around the young woman named Mikhri. The main heroine of the Turkish series with English subtitles works in law enforcement agencies. She loves her work very much, and justice has always been higher for her. In the life of Mihri, there were quite a few anxiety, excitement and difficulties. Only she could not even imagine what kind of fate prepared for her. A real daughter for Mihry becomes a real drama, which a woman loved more than his life. Her daughter was brutally raped, and after the girl gave birth to a child, then brought abacus with her life. This tragedy has become a powerful blow and unbearable cardiac pain.

The main heroine of the Turkish series "Son Nefesime Kadar" in Turkish with great difficulty, but still was able to survive this loss. After that, her life has changed radically. Now it is worth it the main task and Mihri should raise the grandson, which appeared on the light after a terrible incident. In order to find a criminal who brought the daughter to such a act, Mikhri had to raise the entire law enforcement system on his feet. As a result, she managed to ensure that the rapist convicted for a long time.

Once, at work, Mihri finds out that the rapist of her daughter will soon be released. But most of all the heroine of the Turkish series can be played online with English subtitles, was shocked by how much it was revealed before it. It turns out that this criminal has served the term for the distribution of prohibited substances, and not rape. Then Mihri does not have another choice, how to edit Samudud. At the same time she was looking for one missing girl. But she does not even suspect that the rapist of her daughter is therefore the kidnapper, in the footsteps it follows.
Son Nefesime Kadar
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Update: 10/03/2022

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