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1-26 series
Year: 2023
Genre: Drama
The Turkish series will show the story of a very big and extraordinary love. In order to be together and live a happy life, the main characters of "Sapphire" are ready to go through any trials. There will be many obstacles on their way, but they are ready to overcome them at any cost. The Gyulsoy family has always enjoyed great respect from the people around them. In addition, in their city this family was considered one of the wealthiest. A young girl named Feraye was one of the members of the Gulsoy family and from an early age she is friends with a good guy named Yaman. Initially, these were simple friendships, but every year Yaman began to realize that there was something more between them than just friendship.

The protagonist of the Turkish series "Safir" began to notice that he and Feraye always think the same way. When they just talk with a girlfriend, he was always interested in it and in everything he sees only positive aspects. Soon Yaman realizes that he has great love feelings for Feraya, because it is even difficult for him to imagine someone else next to him. Yaman has always dreamed of such a girl and believes that together they will be able to build their happy life. When Yaman's birthday came and now he has become an adult, the young man decided to present an unusual gift for his beloved. And it was a family sapphire ring that proved his eternal love and devotion.

This ring belonged to his mother Gulfem and Yaman told Feraya that it would serve as a symbol of their love and fidelity, and then promised to marry her. Feraya was ready to respond to Yaman with mutual feelings and feels truly happy next to him. Only at that moment they were so excited about their future happiness that they did not even suspect how many obstacles they would have to overcome on their way. The thing is that there is a main reason why Feraye cannot marry Yaman. After all, she was from a rich and influential family, and Yaman is a simple guy. Such marriages in the eyes of society have always been considered unequal.
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