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Adim Farah

1-27 series
Year: 2023
Genre: Crime / Thriller / Drama
The events of the Turkish series "Adım Farah" will unfold around a young woman. Her fate has developed in such a way that the heroine of the Turkish series in English subtitles acting is forced to raise her son herself and without anyone's help. She worked as a doctor and was able to achieve great success in her professional field. Farah could not even imagine that much more serious difficulties would lie ahead of her. A black streak begins in her life after the doctors made a terrible diagnosis for her beloved son. The boy is seriously ill and needs an expensive operation that can only be done abroad. Farah is on the verge of despair, and she realizes that she has nowhere to get such a large sum. But still, she pulls herself together and decides to go abroad with her son.

The heroine of the Turkish series "Adım Farah" in Turkish, perfectly understands that she cannot be inactive. She urgently needs to do something and save her only child. As soon as Farah was in a new place, she immediately began to look for a suitable job for herself. After all, she needs to pay for accommodation and eat with her son for some money. The problem was that Farah's options were limited, and then she goes to extremes. She gets a job as a cleaner and ends up in the same mafia clan.

In fact, the position of a cleaning lady for the heroine of the Turkish series, which can be watched online with English subtitles, was just a cover. In fact, she was entrusted with a very important task, and she will have to destroy some incriminating documents. Farah is forced to do such a dirty job and in doing so she has to risk her own life. She simply has no other choice. Soon between Farah and the leader of the mafia there is sympathy. The woman tried to overcome these feelings and perfectly understood that this man was not a couple for her. She will have to make every effort to overcome injustice.
Adim Farah
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Update: 1/01/2024

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carlossainz55 Guests 5 April 2023 18:51
when will ep6 be uploaded...!? 
Cannot wait for it...😭
Pattie D
Pattie D Guests 3 November 2023 19:52
When is episode 19 appearing on superriki?  We waited 2weeks for episode 18! What’s going on?