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Kul Masali

1-6 series
Year: 2024
Genre: Drama
The main character of the Turkish TV series “Kül Masalı” is a young girl named Ozge. She lives a simple and modest life, not looking for any incredible adventures. She likes to live the way she lives. Her usual rhythm, which did not change from day to day. For six years now, the girl has not changed her workplace. She works as a cook in one of the city restaurants. But one day her simple life is turned upside down. Life brings Ozge together with the son of one of the richest and most influential families in all of Turkey - Arat Girayli. A spark will immediately run between the young people, which will ignite their feelings with incredible power.

It seems that Ozge has never felt such incredibly strong love for someone in her life. Having given in to their feelings, young people will not postpone the wedding for long and will play it as soon as possible. After the wedding, a completely new life will begin for the main character of the series “The Tale of Ashes”. Arat brings Ozge to his family's house, where a real test of fortitude begins for the girl. The fairy tale in which she believed so much dissolves right before her eyes. And it turns out that under her magical guise hides a real nightmare.

The girl finds herself in a whirlpool of intrigue. It turns out that her lover has psychological problems associated with traumas from the past. And because of this, the guy cannot restrain his fits of anger. Ozge will have to face a rival in the form of his sister Bahiye. The girl dreams only of getting rich. And how she will do this is the least of her worries. Also, the secret of Zhalet’s death will stand in the way of the main character. The girl will have to find out the terrible circumstances of the death of Arat’s first wife...
Kul Masali
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Update: 30/03/2024

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