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1 series
Year: 2024
Genre: Drama
The story of the Turkish TV series “Bahar” tells the story of a woman whose life suddenly turns upside down. Bahar lives his normal life. She is happily married and believes that she has an ideal family. The woman loves her husband Timur very much, whom she considers a truly wonderful person. For her, her loved one is always the most ideal, correct and best. And it seems that nothing can ever change this.

But one day the life of the main character of the Turkish TV series “Before Spring” is turned upside down. She learns about a terrible diagnosis for herself. Liver failure. It's slowly killing her. But irreversible processes occur not only inside a woman. Bahar's life changes for the worse for her. She learns that her husband turned out to be completely different from the person she knew him before. This further disrupts the balance in a woman’s family. And gradually everything starts to get worse.

While undergoing treatment, Bahar meets a doctor named Evren. The man supports her on the difficult path that she needs to go through in order to recover. Although the chances are not great, the woman still continues to believe that she can defeat the disease and return to normal life. But for Timur Evren becomes a problem. The man becomes a big obstacle for him on the way. And it’s not just about the relationship between a man and his wife. It also becomes an obstacle to his promotion up the career ladder.
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Update: 16/02/2024

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